Novel Papaya Pickle With Potential

Norlito Pulido, a staff of East-West Seed Company, shows a bottle of a novel kind of papaya pickle, very different from the traditional atsara.
Novel Papaya Pickle With Potential
This pickle produced by a processor in Laguna consists of finely chopped green papaya (including the rind) and then fermented. The result is like a better counterpart of the cucumber pickle.

It can be used as ingredient for dishes like afritada, caldereta and others. It could also be used as sandwich spread together with mayonnaise. This has an excellent potential for commercialization with improved packaging. The good thing about it is that the raw material is available throughout the year.

Novel Papaya Pickle With Potential
Close up of papaya pickle.
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One thought on “Novel Papaya Pickle With Potential

  1. Thanks sir. I was thinking of things to do with my papayas. The going rate is at 3 pesos per kilo today, kaya iniisip ko that there should be something that could be done with it.

    May I know the process to do this?

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