2 ALOCASIAS THAT OUR VIEWER WANTS! Possible big money-makers!

The second Alocasia that Jimmy wants.
The first Alocasia that Jimmy wants badly.

IF YOU SAW our previous post in this blog, you will remember the robust and very healthy Alocasia that was exhibited in a garden show in 2012. The leaves looked impeccable with no sign of any insect or disease damage.

ANOTHER BEAUTY – Then our pageviewer saw another very attractive Alocasia that we photographed and posted in our blog in 2018. All the more our pageviewer became excited to know where he could buy propagations of the same.

FAIRLY NEW IN PLANTS – Let’s just call him Jimmy, an architect who got interested in ornamental plants about two years ago. He has been doing small landscaping jobs in residential homes and he knows the money-making potentials of certain plants.

DIFFICULT TO GROW – Actually, many gardeners usually find growing Alocasias problematic. They can’t grow them well for reasons like wrong potting media, too much watering, wrong fertilizer applied, improper exposure to light (too shady or too much sun), or simple neglect.

OPPORTUNITY – Why is Jimmy interested in plants that are difficult to grow? Well, that’s where the opportunity comes in. If Jimmy can master the propagation and cultural requirements from small seedlings to mature specimen plants, he could make money. 

HOW WILL Jimmy make money?  He can grow big specimen plants which he can display or enter in competition in garden shows. If his specimen plant wins, he could command a high price for his small propagations as well as for his big specimen plants if he has some.

HOBBYIST-COLLECTORS MIGHT NOT SELL – The big problem is how soon can Jimmy get the two Alocasias of his dream? If they are in the hands of hobbyist collectors, they might not let go of their plants. For reasons of ego, as much as possible they believe they should be the only ones who have such plants. They are status symbols that money can’t buy. Especially if the owner is a rich guy.

ANYWAY, we will keep abreast of developments on this matter.

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