O My God! Kurikong Could Really Kill The Mango Industry

When we received these fruits, they looked very impeccable mature green mangoes without any defect. When they ripened, however, the ugly black marks of Kurikong appeared which puzzled us no end. What could be done to save the industry?

We were given a basket of impeccable-looking mature green carabaoย  mangoes when we attended the Mango Summit on Feb. 18, 2020 in Quezon City. We left the basket in a dark corner at home, waiting for the fruits to ripen. We were anticipating luscious golden carabao mangoes we enjoyed in years past.

By Feb. 23, we checked the basket we placed in a dark corner of the room. Lo and behold! We were really taken aback by what we saw. The ugly black kurikong had marred the otherwise golden yellow skin of the fruits!

That set us into thinking. We remembered the cry of a classmate who has thousands of old mango trees in Pangasinan. She sounded helpless when she contacted us, asking who could help her solve the kurikong problem.

We contacted our friend, the Mango King of Ilocos Norte, asking him what our classmate could do. Nothing, he said. At this stage, nothing positive can be done to save the crop from kurikong!

We ate the affected fruits anyway. They tasted sweet and juicy. But who will buy those fruits with ugly black marks of kurikong?

To save the mango industry, the government should do something drastic to find a solution to the kurikong menace.

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