OCTOBER 2015 AGRICULTURE MAG: Ram Pump & Other Stories

Make sure to get a copy of the October issue of Agriculture Magazine which will be off the press shortly. Featured on the cover is the sugar palm or “kaong” which is abundant in Indang, Cavite and nearby communities.

Researchers of the Cavite State University in Indang have developed  new products from the indigenous palm aside from the usual vinegar that many farmers have been traditionally producing. The new products include brown kaong sugar which is said to have a low glycemic index, making it the recommended sweetener for diabetics. Kaong syrup and handicraft items are other byproducts.

kaong harvest

FOREST PARK – Also featured in text and lots of photos is the man-made forest created by lawyer Nordy Diploma in what was once a 40-hectare sugarcane plantation in Victorias City, Negros Occidental. The trees are now mostly full-grown and some people are calling the place a rainforest.

HOG RAISING – For beginners in hog raising, the series by Julio P. Yap Jr. tackles breeding and management of gilts and sows. For the sows, for instance, it is recommended that the feed intake be regulated right after breeding to prevent them from getting too fat. Obesity of pregnant pigs may result in lower number of piglets born.

Another recommendation is to avoid constipation by providing a healthy but laxative ration. Provide plenty of water and newly harvested green feeds like camote vines, kangkong, paragrass and water hyacinth.

RAM PUMP – Julio Yap Jr. also writes about how two ram pumps have transformed the lives of poor waterless farm families in two remote villages in La Castellana, Negros Occidental. Ram pump is a machine that does not use any fuel in performing its function of pumping water from a lower water source to a higher level.

The pump has been providing water for the farm families for more than a year now and they don’t only have water for their home use but also for growing some crops.

OCTOBER 2015 AGRICULTURE MAG: Ram Pump & Other Stories

WHITE GOBY – Dr. Rafael D. Guerrero III, our long time fisheries columnist, reports on the white goby fishery in Nauhan Lake in Oriental Mindoro. The dried white goby is sold at P400 to P500 per kilo. About three kilos of fresh white goby make one kilo of dried fish.

RABBIT FARMING – Art and Angie Veneracion continue with their series on rabbit farming. In the October issue, they tackle the actual management and care of the rabbitry. Housing is very important. According to them, housing should provide comfort to the animals, well-lit and properly ventilated. It should be able to protect the rabbits from predators, and can prevent the rabbits from escaping, among others. For the full details, read their article in Agriculture Magazine.

BEEKEEPING – You can learn more about the products and byproducts of that can be made out of honeycombs in the series of articles on beekeeping. These include honey, bee pollen, bee propolis and byproducts such as beeswax, cider vinegar and queen bees.

OCTOBER 2015 AGRICULTURE MAG: Ram Pump & Other Stories

MOST WIDELY CIRCULATED – Agriculture Magazine is the most widely circulated agriculture magazine in the country. It is available in bookstores and outlets of Manila Bulletin nationwide. It is also available through subscription.

OCTOBER 2015 AGRICULTURE MAG: Ram Pump & Other Stories

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