October Agriculture Magazine

October Agriculture Magazine

The cover of the October issue of Agriculture Magazine features a smiling Cholo Mariano holding Milky Mushroom from the Merry Musroom Farm of Rolita Spowart in Amadeo, Cavite. 

Cholo joined members of the Philippine Horticultural Society that visited the mushroom farm recently. Milky Mushroom promises to be a winner as it offers a number of advantages over the currently grown species. It can be grown in the hot climate of the lowlands.

Be sure to get a copy of the October issue of Agriculture Magazine which will soon be off the press. The lead story features the bright prospects of producing a newly introduced mushroom – the Milky Mushroom.

Single-handedly responsible for developing the technique of locally producing the spawn as well as the grow-out technology is Rolita “Baby” Spowart. She studied architecture but is now more involved in agricultural pursuits.

She has earlier made a name for herself in tissue-culturing orchid varieties that are in demand in target markets abroad as well as locally. She is currently operating an 82-hectare rice farm in Isabela where she does her own experiments. And the latest project she undertook is the propagation of Milky Mushroom. Read about it in the October issue of Agriculture Magazine.

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