OFW’s Wife Against Her Hubby Go Into Farming. Why?

Kawayan Tinik is not attractive to ordinary thieves because they cannot eat the poles and can’t easily sell them either. Photo from Carolina Bamboo Garden in Antipolo City.

Ray, an OFW who read our article about the OFW working in Malaysia, is  also seeking our advice. He emailed us saying that he also plans to retire this year to do some farming. Where? He did not tell us. If he had told us where, perhaps we would be able to give him more relevant advice. He did not also tell us what is his profession and what is his work abroad. All these things are important to someone giving advice. Neither did he say how big is his farm.

All that Ray mentioned is that his youngest daughter was just a toddler when he went to work abroad, where, he did not also mention. Now the daughter is entering university this year. His problem is that his wife does not approve of his plan to go into farming. She says that there are so many thieves around so that they will only steal what produce her husband will grow. 

Now, hear this Ray. How can you solve the problem of thefts on the farm? Our first recommendation is to plant non-edible crops that are not also easy to sell by thieves. One example is the Kawayan Tinik bamboo. The mature poles are not easy to  harvest and transport by ordinary thieves. For a start, you can plant Kawayan Tinik around the boundary of your farm. That will also serve as impenetrable fence after some years.

If your farm is in Negros Occidental, that would be great because the province last year embarked on all-out bamboo production by farm owners because eventually, there will be a factory to produce engineered bamboo for flooring, furniture, handicrafts and more. There is also a market for bamboo where there are makers of  “bahay kubo” and where there are people engaged in fishpens.

There are also other smaller bamboo varieties that are needed for trellising vine vegetables like ampalaya, sitao, patola, cucumber, semi-indeterminate tomato and others. These can also be produced in the farm which ordinary thieves will not care to steal.

Bougainvilleas are gaining favor from landscapers, resort and hotel owners. Potted bougainvilleas as in photo are also saleable at a high price.

BOUGAINVILLEA – Blooming bougainvilleas are not easy  to steal by ordinary thieves. They are heavy, thorny and may not be readily sold. The buyers are the landscapers, big and small, and resort and hotel owners.

The use of bougainvillea in landscaping is becoming a trend, thanks to the chat group put up by Baby Spowart. Bougainvillea is such a hardy plant that can endure extreme heat of the sun. Bougainvillea could be a big money-maker, too. John Teodoro of Solsona, Ilocos Norte, supplied 20,000 pieces to the North Luzon Expressway during the presidency of Gloria Arroyo. He was paid P1.8 million for the plants which are now profusely blooming along NLEX.

In another case, we learned that a lady nursery operator in Bulacan supplied 5,000 blooming bougainvilleas, all read, to a hotel in Boracay before the rehabilitation of the island resort. That was worth about P750,000. Small demands are also increasing because there are those who are making bougainvillea bonsai, topiary, grafted plants with different colors and so on. 

That’s the author (ZBS) posing with Siling Labuyo which is not very attrative to thieves.

SILING LABUYO   I have mentioned this in my previous write ups but I will repeat it here. I suggested this to a lanzones plantation owner who asked what  plants thieves will not steal. She said that poachers were harvesting her fruits ahead of her. And so we suggested to her to plant siling labuyo or hot chilli. We were told that was what she did.

Now you see, there are certain crops that are not attractive to common thieves.

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2 thoughts on “OFW’s Wife Against Her Hubby Go Into Farming. Why?

  1. Worthy of sharing to others. During this crisis, this is the best time for planting leafy vegetables
    especially for personal consumption. The best stress reliever while out of work. Use all available spaces,
    however small for urban gardening. Without farm/land is not an excuse for us not to produce food,
    especially vegetables.
    Thank you Mr. ZAC, God bless you….

  2. This is my advice to Mr. Ray. Don’t waste your time !. This is the best time to invest in agriculture because of
    so many opportunities. Lack of experience in farming is also not an excuse. The present government is all
    out in encouraging and helping all those who are interested to invest in agriculture. Acquiring knowledge
    in farming abound, seminars are free (from ATI). You can join urban gardening clubs, browse in the internet,
    read magazines (esp. Agriculture magazine). And the best way is to contact Mr. Zac, who is the right person
    who can help Mr. Ray.
    I am a product of Mr. ZAC’s encouragement thru Agibiz Kapihan ! In my own little way, I can also help Mr. Ray.
    You can reach me thru my e-mail rmyjtcruz@gmail.com.

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