OH MY GOD! Flowers conquer a maiden’s heart. Building dream farm together 20 years later!

Flowers will always thrill a maiden’s heart. And she falls in love with the sender, albeit anonymous at first.

WHENEVER I interview a couple who are in agriculture, especially if they are professionals, we often ask how they met each other. I have often observed that it often breaks up the tenseness on the part of the interviewees.

LOVING COUPLE – Recently, we met such a couple who are running a very promising diversified farm East of Manila. Jane (not her real name) volunteered that she grew up in Valenzuela City with a degree in MedTech. And then she continued to relate that Billy, (not his name too) was a new accounting graduate from a provincial college in Isabela when they encountered each other. 

BILLY’S TURN TO TELL HIS STORY – Now Billy took his turn to recount their story. He said he was really smitten by the beauty of the college grad who was then visiting her grandfather in Cauayan City.

We were just quipping, of course, when we asked the couple how their fortunes came together. But then they happily volunteered to tell their story so we had to listen. Our three companions who had come with us hoping that they could pick up some practical farming ideas became intent listeners, too.

BACHELOR WITH US – Ramil, our companion who is a bachelor and an aspiring organic farmer, might not have picked up some practical farming ideas but he was able to pick up a winning strategy in courting.

This is how Billy did it. He went to his friend who had a flower shop, telling her to deliver a bouquet of three roses to the girl who had just arrived from Valenzuela. He told her to do that for five consecutive mornings without revealing who sent them. 

SENDER’S INITIALS ON 6TH DAY – On the sixth day, Billy asked the flower shop owner to put his initials, BAM, which stands for Billy A. Moreno. Of course, Jane was thrilled but really got intrigued right from the beginning. She inquired from the flower shop owner about the mysterious sender but she only revealed the first name Billy on the sixth day. Of course, it did not take long for her to discover the culprit. And of course, Billy had so designed the scheme so they would eventually meet each other.

BUILDING DREAM FARM 20 YEARS LATER – It is now history. Jane fell in love with the mysterious flower sender. More than 20 years later, the couple are building their dream farm together with their three children.

AND HOW ABOUT RAMIL? – He is still looking for a Jane to whom he could send his bouquets of three roses. (ZAC B. SARIAN, Memoirs of an Agri Journalist).

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