OLIVIA LIMPE-AW: Mango-based Rhum Inventor

OLIVIA LIMPE-AW: Mango-based Rhum Inventor
Ms. Olivia Limpe-Aw is the first female chair and CEO of the 162-year-old Destileria Limtuaco.

OLIVIA LIMPE-AW is the latest inventor to join the Filipino Inventors Society (FIS) with her invention of a utility model that uses mango as base for rhum, and her latest procedure in aging using charred oak chips.

She is the fifth generation and first female chair and chief executive officer (CEO) of the 162-yea-old Destileria Limtuaco.

To inventors, she advises: “Study what is not yet in the market, then create something to address that need – then you can make it big.” (Press Release)

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