On Starting Your Dream Farm (Agri Tip No.5)

(NOTE: This is another small piece of advice on Starting Your Own Dream Farm. We will post these tips in small doses so they are easier to remember and digest.)


WE remember two cousins in Metro Manila who bought their own farmland in San Juan, Batangas. One fellow is a market stall owner whom we will call Jimmy. The other is Peter who runs a gasoline station. 
Last year, Jimmy invited us to his farm some 8 years after he bought his farm to partake in the harvesting of his Longkong lanzones. Peter was also invited.
Jimmy’s farm is really enviable. After paying for his farm, he immediately started developing it. He fenced the same, put up his farm house, and set up the water system. He immediately planted exotic fruit trees like Longkong, Duku, durian, rambutan, mangosteen, latexless  jackfruit and also had a thriving vegetable garden.
Obviously, Peter was very envious because he had not started developing his farm. He said he should have also started planting in his farm. He had already lost so much time!
The lesson here is: Don’t Procrastinate! Start right away! Don’t be afraid to commit mistakes. But make sure they are just minor mistakes.

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