One Ashitaba Plant Priced at P3,500 at the Garden Show. Why?

Flowering Ashitaba in Adela Ang’s rented farm in Benguet.

At a garden show in 2014, Adela Ang, the lady who brought the real Ashitaba plant to the Philippines, displayed a beautifully grown Ashitaba, the real Ashitaba plant which she priced at P3,500.

Why such a stiff price? Adela Ang, a cancer survivor, had mentioned in previous statements that she wanted to make the real Ashitaba become more affordable to Filipinos. So why did she price her plant at P3,500?

Adela had her own good reason for pricing her Ashitaba sky-hign. In the years prior, some people were selling an herb that they passed on as Ashitaba. Some people paid as much as P1,500 for a tiny plant in a small plastic pot, perhaps honestly believing it is the real Ashitaba thatโ€™s popular in Japan and Taiwan. The plant they were selling was actually Gyneura which is an herb that it is so easy to multiply by cuttings.

Mrs. Ang explained that she just wanted to show to the public how the true Ashitaba looked like so that they will no longer be fooled to buy the fake one. Placing a high price tag was also intentional so that her stocks will not get depleted because she bought them at a high price fromTaiwan.

The rest is now history. Ashitaba tea is now manufactured commercially by Adela Ang and is now available nationwide through drugstores and other outlets at an affordable price.

Ashitaba seedlings at affordable price from Adela Ang.
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