Onion Is Also Profitable in Pampanga

PAMPANGA is not a traditional onion growing province. But it can be profitable to grow in the province as proven by limited plantings earlier in 2011-2012.ย 

Fidel David, chairman and founder of Bangon San Matias Multi-Purpose Cooperative in Sta. Rita town, said that a 60-square meter patch planted to Red Pinoy variety yielded 200 kilos that was sold at P35 per kilo or P7,000 for the whole harvest.

A member of the co-op, the owner of Kitch Farm in Bacolor, planted Red Pinoy on one hectare. The farm was drip-irrigated so the yield was high. Gross sales from that one hectare, according to David, was P1.5 million.

Red Pinoy is the best-selling variety of East-West Seed Company. It is a red creole type that is claimed to be tolerant to common onion diseases. The bulbs also have excellent keeping quality.
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