OPV Eggplant in Batac

OPV Eggplant in Batac
OPV Eggplant in Batac
Christopher Garcia poses with the green fruit of the OPV eggplant in a Magnuang farmer’s plantation.

An open-pollinated variety (OPV) of eggplant has become a favorite variety of farmers in Brgy. Magnuang in Batac City, Ilocos Norte. It is prolific and is also a favorite of consumers for cooking their pinakbet.

The farmers used to plant the sweet finger pepper that is also a favorite ingredient for pinakbet. But because of continuous planting of pepper with excessive use of chemical fertilizers, the water has been contaminated with nitrates which is detrimental to the growth of pepper.

The farmers have observed the OPV eggplant that bears green fruits to be more suitable in the area today. To minimize nitrate contamination, city agriculturists are encouraging farmers to use organic fertilizers to fertilize their crops.

The farmers have found the eggplant to be profitable to grow. Harvests in Magnuang find their way to markets as far as Cagayan and Isabela through vegetable traders.

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