Orange Picking Time At Fairy Lake Leisure Farm In Tainan, Taiwan


The orange trees are grown in sloping land so it is a big challenge to go up and pick the ripe fruits.
Ex-Gov. Rafael Coscolluela of Negros Occidental and David Tan went up the slope to reach for the fruits.

November is Orange Picking Season at the Fairy Lake Leisure Farm in Tainan, Taiwan. A delegation of Negros agribusinessmen led by Gov. Alfredo Marañon visited the place. Of course, we enjoyed a lot not only in picking the citrus fruits but also listening to the talk of Strong Wu, the manager of the leisure farm operations.

The  orange trees are grown in sloping land which means it is a big challenge to pick the ripe fruits. Visitors pay an entrance fee but they can eat all they can in the farm. And they are also allowed to bring home ten fruits without paying for them. 


Group photo of the Negros delegation headed by Gov. Alfredo Marañon


Zac B. Sarian and Strong Wu, manager of the Fairy Lake Leisure Farm.

The group also enjoyed preparing some of the vegetables we ate. For instance there are two big cauldrons with boiling water. That’s where we dipped three different veggie shoots placed in a conical  net pouch with a long handle. After the shoots are fully blanched, they are unloaded in a plate and vinaigrette is applied. Wow, very enjoyable to eat the organically grown vegetable shoots.,

Strong Wu also discussed how they produce dried longan the old traditional way by smoking the newly harvested fruits for seven days. The dried longan sells for a high price. A pack that weighs about 300 grams sells for the equivalent of P516 in Philippine money.

Zac B. Sarian and his harvest of sweet orange.


Dried longan. About 300 grams  sell for about 516 pesos in Philippine money.
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