Organic Farm & Garden In A Military Camp

Organic Farm & Garden In A Military Camp
MGen. Gregorio Pio Catapang, MGen. Nicanor Dolojan, Lt. Gen. Anthony de Jesus Alcantara and Dr. Isa Cojuangco Suntay pose with grafted mango tree that Dr. Suntay planted.

An organic farm and garden at a military camp in Tarlac City is one project that is worth visiting by people interested in organic agriculture.

This is the Hardin Ng Lunas, a three-hectare organic vegetable garden and orchard situated at the fairways of the AFP Northern Luzon Command at Camp General Servillano Aquino in San Miguel, Tarlac City.
The project features 123 fruit trees, 56 varieties of organic vegetables, medicinal plants as well as a tilapia pond. The medicinal plants can be the source of natural medicine not only for the families of soldiers but for the surrounding communities in general.
Recently, a harvest festival was held that was attended by members of the military, their families, camp employees, and  the general public.
The harvest festival aimed to show to the visitors that organic vegetables could be successfully grown in their home gardens. The vegetables don’t only provide healthy food for those who plant them, they can also become a source of income if they are grown in quantities that are more than what the families need for their own home use.
Such vegetables could be grown in idle backyards, vacant lots and even in recycled containers. The same is true with the medicinal herbs that could provide families with natural medicines from plants that have been proven to be of medicinal value.
The Hardin Ng Lunas is a pet project of Dr. Isa Cojuangco Suntay, chairwoman of Tarlac Heritage Foundation. Herbal medicinal plants used in the project came from the Tarlac College of Agriculture in Camiling.
Organic Farm & Garden In A Military Camp
Organic Upo from the garden
Also collaborating with the Tarlac Heritage Foundation are St. Luke’s Medical Center-Department of Dermatology in Quezon City, East-West Seed Company and B&O Green Corporation.
Organic Farm & Garden In A Military Camp
TILAPIA from the pond.
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