JEFF LARUAN: He Made His Own Shredder For Only P47,000

KALE Excites Lily Of The Valley Owner

When Jefferson Laruan of Lily of the Valley Organic Farm was starting in organic farming in 2005, he needed a shredder to shred the leaves and other farm wastes to make organic fertilizer. But when he found out that a shredder made in Quezon City was selling for more than P100,000, he decided to fabricate his own. After all, he finished a course in farm mechanics. It cost him only P47,000 to make his shredder.

KALE Excites Lily Of The Valley Owner
JEFFERSON LARUAN, Great Guy, at the Allied Botanical Tourism Event, Feb. 15, 2017.
KALE Excites Lily Of The Valley Owner
Shredders by Jeff Laruan

Then other organic farmers also wanted to have their own shredders. What he did was to ask the farmer to buy all the materials needed and he would build the shredder for him for P5,000. A lot of the farmers took advantage of his offer. He really did not make money from that service but he was glad to be of help to his fellow organic farmers.

KALE Excites Lily Of The Valley Owner
Pelletizing machine by Jeff Laruan.

Recently, Jeff fabricated his own pelletizing machine to pelletize feeds for his pigs and rabbits. Great guy this Jefferson Laruan.

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7 thoughts on “JEFF LARUAN: He Made His Own Shredder For Only P47,000

  1. kung magpagawa kami ng shredder na yan, magkano po ba tapos taga mindanao po ako sa iligan, magkano naman ang delivery kaya. salamat

    elsie sabuero

    1. Making shredders is not really the business of Jeff. He just accommodated the request of his fellow farmers. He is quite busy with his organic farming.

  2. Sir good afternoon to you. Thank God for technology. We can read and reach people & friends whom we haven’t got in contact for decades. How can I reach Mr. Mrs. Jeff Laruan? I know the couple and I worked together with Lisa in a hospital in Oman during the middle 80s . I resigned ahead of her in 87. Since then I had no contact with her. Not until this very afternoon, when I thought of searching her in google. By God’s grace I found both! And what a great surprise! Sir , it will be a great privilege to get in touched with them through you! I am Maria Irene Basilio Jacob from Zamboanga city. Here is my cellphone number, 09277299604. You see sir, I was diagnosed with 4th stage lung cancer last July 2017 only. How I wish I could hear her voice. She was my closest friend back then! God bless you, and hoping you could reach me through my email add/ fb/ messenger

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