Organic Lechon In Dagupan City

Virgilio Aquino and his organically grown pigs for lechon.
DAGUPAN CITY is developing the production of organically grown pigs for making lechon as one of the possible livelihood projects for families in the barangays of the city. In the first phase earlier this year, cooperators in Brgy. Salisay were given 10 piglets weighing 15 to 18 kilos each, plus feeds, which they raised in their own pig pens.

ย After caring for them for 21 days, the piglets had reached 30 kilos and were ready for making into lechon. The cooperator who took care of the 10 piglets had a gross profit of P5,000 in 21 days.

Emmanuel Bamba, assistant to the Dagupan City mayor, reports that the organic lechon production project has expanded to two more barangays in the city. Organic lechon may become an OTOP (one-town-one-product) project of Dagupan City.
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