Ornamental Fish in the Desert

THE GINAT FISH was one of the companies in the desert area of Arava in Israel that was visited by a group of 32 journalists from various parts of the world, including this blogger, Zac B. Sarian, from the Manila Bulletin.

Breeding aquarium fish in the desert? Eviatar Ginat, the manager, has his own very good reasons. He specializes in just one species, the guppy. Although it is just one species, guppies come in hundreds of varieties or colors. Ginat produces about 2 million guppies which are exported mostly to Europe.Guppies are cheap, they may retail just for a dollar in Europe. Being cheap, it is popular with parents who give their children something to keep them busy. If they die, the parent would just readily buy replacements.

Ximena Ramirez Ayala, was one of the journalists who participated in the press tour organized by the Israeli government to promote the International Agricultural Exhibition which will be held in Tel Aviv on May 15-17, 2012.
She is a reporter of La Republica, a business newspaper from Cali, Colombia.
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