P720,000 Profit From 5 Hectares Of Rice Without Doing The Dirty Work

JOEL D of Valencia City is an enterprising 42-year-old farm owner who makes an average of P720,000 profit a year from 5 hectares of rice without doing the dirty work.

Here’s what he does. He just supervises the farming operation. Somebody else does the production of seedlings, land preparation and planting of the seedlings. Cash cost, including the cost of fertilizers and pesticide is about  P23,000 per hectare. Harvesting is done by other people. For every 12 cavans, the harvester gets 1 cavan. Threshing is also done by another and he gets 1 cavan per 12 cavans threshed.

Joel harvests an average of 120 cavans per hectare. After giving the shares of the harvester and thresher, he is left with 100 cavans per hectare. He sold his latest harvest at P21.50 kilo. After deducting the cash cost of P23,000, he got a net of 80,000 per hectare, or P240,000 from five hectares in one cropping.

The farm is within an area with very reliable irrigation system so he can grow three crops of rice per year. That means P240,000 times three croppings which is a clean P720,000 profit.

No wonder he can send his kids to school, and in fact he brought his family sometime back to visit Baguio and tour the Ilocos where he has relatives.

Aside from rice, Joel also has a 2-hectare sugarcane plantation which gives him a considerable additional income.


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  1. Hi! Is there any farming techniques on rice production? Me and my husband is planning to plant c18 rice variety this month in a 2 Ha of land. In our place we are averaging to 4-5 tons/ha and that’s during dry season. We have caretakers but this is the first time we’ll manage the farm. We are very much clueless on how we go about it. Thank you.

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