P21,000 Worth Of First Harvest From 1/4 Hectare Of Hybrid Radish In 37 Days!

Aris Arviso holding roots of Mt. Data radish.
The very white roots of Mt. Data are big and uniform in size.

A first-time planter of hybrid radish from Dolores, Quezon, is so happy because he was able to harvest P21,000 worth of high-quality roots during the off-season months of July-August from just 2,500 square meters. He harvested 700 kilos for the first harvest after only 37 days from planting which he sold at P30 per kilo. And he had three more harvests after that.

The fellow is Aris Arviso who has been growing the open-pollinated (OP) variety for many years. He observed that the hybrid radish, Mt. Data from Ramgo Seeds, has high germination rate so that he needed only two kilos of seeds to plant the one-fourth hectare field. Ordinarily, he would need four kilos of the OP to plant the same area.

Arviso observes that the roots of Mt. Data are bigger, whiter and are more uniform in size. These are the qualities that market stallholders and consumers prefer.

Eddie Quinto is another satisfied Mt. Data radish planter from Dolores, Quezon. He is proudly showing his harvest of white and uniform roots.

Another farmer who is upbeat about Mt. Data radish is Eddie Quinto, also of Dolores (Brgy. Sta. Lucia), who has been growing OP radish in the last 15 years. He has tried the hybrid variety for two seasons now. In his first crop last summer, he was able to harvest two tons of Class A roots from the first harvest using one kilo of Mt. Data seeds. In his second planting, he was able to harvest 7,500 kilos from 1.5 kilos of seeds that he planted.

Lito Felismino holds roots of Mt. Data harvested from his fellow farmer’s field. He will now shift to planting the hybrid Mt. Data from Ramgo.

Lito Felismino, a farmer who has been growing vegetables in the last 40 years, said that he will now plant the Mt. Data variety after seeing the good harvests of his fellow farmers Aris Arviso and Eddie Quinto. What’s good about radish is that it is a vegetable that can be harvested within a short time. Mt. Data, for instance, can be harvested in just 37 days from planting. In the case of OP varieties, harvesting may be made after 45 days or even more from planting. Radish has a steady demand in the market.

Ramgo which supplies seeds of Mt. Data radish can be contacted at 0928-501-1888 (Pamela Ong Chan, president) or Ariel Arevalo at 0998-990-7500.


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