P40,000 BEAUTY: Variegated Tupidanthus At Hortikultura 2018

Dr. Daniel Farnacio and his P40,000 variegated Tupidanthus.

It pays to grow a beautiful ornamental plant, grow it into a big specimen, and then exhibit it in a garden show or some other similar event. When a plant collector will see it, he will not mind paying a big sum for it.

That’s what happened to the Variegated Tupidanthus that Dr. Daniel Farnacio exhibited at the ongoing Hortikultura 2018, the garden show of the Philippine Horticultural Society at the Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City. The show will run through February 11.

Dr. Farnacio’s Tupidanthus won First Prize in the Variegated Plant category, and when it was spotted by a well known plant collector, Dan immediately became richer by P40,000. The collector had to buy the plant posthaste otherwise some other aficionado might beat him to the draw.

Well, that’s how it is in the ornamental plant business. There are people who don’t mind paying a fortune for plants they really like.


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