P45,000 From Just 60 Bell Pepper Plants Attracts Record Pageviews Of 5019 In One Day!

Wilbert Sabatchi with harvest of bell pepper. In his trial planting of 60 plants, he produced P45,000 worth of fruits.

People really love to read stories where ordinary farmers make record sales.  Just like when we posted in this blog the story of Wilbert Sabatchi who made P45,000 from his trial planting of just 60 Red Star bell pepper. On September 13, 2016 a record 5,019 pageviews were registered on that single day, the highest ever in our blog so far. What did the viewers like in the story? Could it be good income from farming? Think about it while you read the original story below.

A former Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) has found he can make as much money by growing vegetables in his hometown as when he was working abroad. The fellow is Wilber Sabatchi, 38, of Mankayan, Benguet.

For 7 years he worked as a caregiver in Israel and four years as factory worker in Korea. He did not realize that the P40,000 to P50,000 monthly salary that he was receiving abroad could as well be matched by his income from growing bell pepper.

When he returned from Korea in 2014, he bought a piece of land which he is now using to grow Red Star, hybrid bell pepper from Known-You Philippines. Before growing Red Star, he planted the ordinary variety that yielded low and the fruits were thin-fleshed. He did not make money from that.

Red Star is a high-yielding hybrid that produces fruits with thick flesh. Each fruit usually weighs 200 grams or higher. When he first tried Red Star, he planted just 60 plants. These yielded 300 kilos which he sold for P45,000 (P150 per kilo).

That prompted him to plant 5,000 plants on 1,000 square meters from which he usually makes a profit of P150,000 per growing cycle. Sometimes, he makes more, especially when the price is high.

Wilber says he enjoys enjoys farming not only because it gives him good income but also because he is at home in the company of his loved ones.

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