PAC 801: Hybrid Rice Good For Both Wet And Dry Seasons

The usual statement you and I often hear about hybrid rice varieties in the market is that they are good only for planting during the dry season.

Now, here comes a hybrid rice that is claimed to be suitable for planting in the dry as well as wet seasons. This is PAC 801 registered as Mestizo 60 with the National Seed Industry Council (NSIC). It is from Advanta Seed International (ASI) and is being marketed by Taipan Brand Farm Inc. headed by Tim Bontoyan, general manager.

Earlier, from May to June this year, PAC 801 was introduced to farmers in Luzon (Occidental Mindoro, Bicol, Nueva Vizcaya, Isabela, Pangasinan, Bulacan and Nueva Ecija: in Visayas (Leyte and Iloilo); and in Mindanao (Lanao del Norte and Sur, and North Cotabato. This hybrid is claimed to have a potential yield of 220 cavans per hectare.

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2 thoughts on “PAC 801: Hybrid Rice Good For Both Wet And Dry Seasons

  1. How much will it need to plant a 5 ha land? How much is the seed?
    Where can i ask for more information? Will you ship to Dumaguete?

    Thank you,

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