PACK OF CANNED CHEVON: Perfect For Gift-Giving

A pack of Chevon Valley caldereta, kilawin and adobo.
Close up of a can of canned chevon.

A pack of canned chevon, consisting of a can of Caldereta, a can of Kilawin and a can of Adobo, makes a perfect gift for persons who are known to love goat meat or chevon. Dr. Jonathan Nayga, director of the Cagayan Valley Small Ruminants Research Center in Echague, Isabela, has perfected the canning of goat meat which has a big potential as a commercial venture.

The canned chevon is not only perfect for gift-giving. It has a big commercial potential not only in the local market but also in the foreign market. The large number of OFWs in the Middle East and elsewhere (like the Filipino communities in North America) are a potential export market for canned chevon.

Dr. Jonathan Nayga showing a pack of a choice cut of chevon.
Eugene Gabriel of Agricom has contracted the distribution of Chevon Valley products.

In the Philippines, it could be a special dish that is very convenient for busy households. In restaurants and beer gardens, canned chevon caldereta, kilawin and adobo could be bestsellers. They just open the can, heat its content, and presto! the caldereta is ready to serve!

Eugene Gabriel, president of Agricom has already contracted the exclusive distribution of Chevon Valley products of Dr. Nayga. The only problem is that there is not enough supply. If only there is unlimited supply of slaughter goats, large volumes could be canned. After all, Dr. Nayga has acquired a Class /AA abattoir which can handle the slaughter of goats and other animals like sheep, cattle and carabaos. He also has the canning facilities.

One possibility is to develop a cluster of goat raisers who could be assisted by the government by providing them capital at very reasonable interest. One usual reason why goat raisers can not expand is because during summer there is shortage of forage to feed the animals.

There is now a solution to the lack of affordable feed, according to Eugene Gabriel. His company is now producing corn silage for some commercial goat raisers. Silage is a fermented feed that is well liked by goats and other farm animals. Not only corn and forage grass can be made into silage for goat and sheep feed. Dr. Rene Sumaoang and Gabriel are collaborating to make silage out of hammer-milled corn cobs whose nutritional value can be enhanced by the addition of beneficial microorganisms.

Eugene Gabriel attending to the shredding of corn plants for making silage.
Eugene Gabriel checking something inside the automatic vacuum-packing machine for silage. It is from Turkey.

Agricom is serious in pursuing commercial silage production. In fact, it has acquired an automatic bagging machine from Turkey to vacuum-pack silage. Agricom has also the tractors and equipment to mechanize production and processing of corn and other forage materials for making silage.

By the way, Eugene Gabriel can be contacted at 0908-890-2474, 0922-800-2474 or 0917-898-0851. You can ask him about canned chevon, silage, tractors, shredders and implements.

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