Low-growing durian tree with flowers and developing fruitlets.

As per our personal experience, durian trees in Luzon start flowering as early as February. Well, February is not far ahead (it’s January 1, 2020 today). So, here are some useful tips you should keep in mind.

1.Maintain sufficient moisture in the soil while the tree is in bloom.If the soil is too dry, the roots cannot absorb nutrients to nourish the flowesr and developing fruits, That will result in fruit drop.

2.When the flowers open, manually pollinate some that you can reach. Many  younger trees (7 to 8 years old) produce flowers in branches that are quite low and can be easily reached. Manual pollination is best done in the evening.

3.Thin out some of the young fruits if there are too many (three or more) in one cluster. Retain just one or two.

4.Spray insecticide and fungicide to prevent insect damage and fungal diseases. This can be done every 10 days or as necessary.

We should plant more durian in Luzon wherever it is possible. The fruits will be harvested ahead of those produced in Mindanao so we can command a good price. Luzon-grown durian are as good as those produced in Mindanao. Make sure, however, that your plant the recommended varieties  with desirable traits.

Visitors posing with fruiting durian at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal, taken about 4 yeas ago.
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