WHEN SOMEONE saw my picture with my small Palamuti bignay, he was curious about what’s so special about this variety. Well, it is a very prolific selection developed by the Institute of Plant Breeding in Los Baños. It has some outstanding traits.

EVER-BEARING –We have seen Palamuti trees at the Mariano Marcos State University in Batac, ilocos Norte which were bearing non-stop. While some berries were already ripe, new flowers were coming out.

FRUITFUL WHEN FERTILIZED– When we fertilized our Palamuti in our farm with Durabloom organic fertilizer with a booster of Z-Fert fertilizer that contains a lot of mirconutrients, the tree came out with a heavy load of berries.

MALLE AND FEMALE – Are there male and female Bignay seedlings? Yes, there are. That is why you should plant a grafted tree to make sure it will bear fruit. Better still, plant a marcot from a bearing tree.

THERE’S SOLUTION-There’s a solution if you have planted a male tree. Topcut it and graft unto it scions from a fruiting tree.

MY CRAZY IDEA – If you have an old tree that you want to transform into an instant big Palamuti, you can do it. Here’s how. Cut down the big tree to about two meters from the ground. Wait for new branches to develop and then graft unto them scions of Palamuti.

WHAT TO DO WITH BERRIES – What can you do with the berries?  Well, you can eat them fresh. They are sweetish sour. You can also extract the juice for a refreshing drink with honey. Best of all, you can make bignay wine as a profitable project. Adams is a town in Ilocos Norte that makes a lot of bugnay wine. Oh yes, bignay is known as “bugnay” in the Ilocos.

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