Palawan farmers pay tribute to frontliners in flag salute

BURNISHED by the sweltering morning sun, farmers in boots and sweatshirts at the Yamang Bukid Farm, a farm tourism destination in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, showed their love for the country by saluting the flag in an emotional tribute to frontliners on Thursday, May 28, 2020.

TRIBUTE TO FLAG – The 350 farming employees of Yamang Bukid Farm, majority of whom former illegal loggers in Barangay Bacungan, came out in a simple ceremony to pay tribute to the flag and show their solidarity with their fellowmen and women in this time of a pandemic.

UNITY WITH FRONTLINERS – “This is our way of showing unity with our frontliners who are out fighting against an unknown but deadly enemy,” said Br. George Maria, Yamang Bukid vice president for community relations.

MAKESHIFT FLAGPOLE – Maria said the activity, which saw a makeshift flagpole erected on a clearing in the middle of the rolling hills of the farm, was also meant “to renew their sense of patriotism and encourage them to work for their families and their countrymen.”

It was made in commemoration of the annual Flag Day which runs May 28-June 12.

BACKLINERS WORK TIRELESSLY  “Our farmers are our backliners who have been working tirelessly even as the coronavirus pandemic resulted in lockdowns and community restrictions,” said Maria.

“They are our heroes,” he added.

SISTERS PARTICIPATE – Nuns from a local Dominican Sisters congregation also took part in the event, as well as Matt Mendoza, a councilor of Puerto Princesa City and a former matinee actor.

AIDING THE DISPLACED – The farm tourism destination “is in the forefront in helping communities cope in these challenging times,” Maria said, by giving tens of thousands of vegetable seedlings to communities in Palawan, particularly those whose main source of livelihood is in tourism, among the most badly affected sectors in the on-going global health emergency.

OPTIMISM & HOPE – “The raising of the flag also symbolizes our sense of optimism and hope that with everyone’s unity and cooperation we can all pull through this crisis. We will heal as one,” added Maria.

FRESH MILK – Yamang Bukid Farm also partnered with government and private organizations in giving free carabao milk to communities, as the farm destination is a recipient of a government loan on carabao-raising.

IN VERGE OF TEARS – The farmers were emotional and many were in the verge of tears as they sang the national anthem and pledged their oath to the flag, said farm general manager Dedac Anjan.

PROUD OF FARMERS & FRONTLINERS – “We’re proud of our farmers and our frontliners. They are serving our country with utmost dedication in these trying times,” Anjan said in Filipino.

(Yamang Bukid Media)ca

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