Pangasius People With Indian Black Pepper

These are some of the attendees of the Pangasius Congress in Antipolo City who visited the Teresa Orchard and Nursery at the end of their conference. They came all the way from Northern Luzon down to Cagayan de Oro in Mindanao. Here they are posing with fruiting Indian black pepper growing on a mahogny tree. The Indian black pepper produces long fruit spikes. Planting materials are available in big quantities in Teresa.

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One thought on “Pangasius People With Indian Black Pepper

  1. SA Rawther Spices is the largest processor and exporter of black pepper and dry ginger in India, apart from having a good track record in the international trade of coffee, turmeric, cloves, chillies, nutmeg and other products.

    Botanical names: Curcuma longa
    Family name: Zingiberaceae

    Turmeric “the golden spice of life” is one of most essential spice used as an important ingredient in culinary all over the world. Turmeric, basically a tropical plant of ginger family is the rhizome or underground stem, with a rough, segmented skin. A yellow spice with a warm and mellow flavor, it is mildly aromatic and has scents of orange or ginger.


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