PANORAMIX: A New Product For Organic Farmers

PANORAMIX: A New Product For Organic Farmers
PANORAMIX: A New Product For Organic Farmers
Bram Koppert (left) and Michael Caballes, president of Allied Botanical, sign the agreement for Allied Allied Botanical to distribute Koppert Biological Systems products in the Philippines.

Panoramix is a new product that should make organic farmers happy. We learned about ย it when we attended a presentation of by Koppert Biological Systems of its environment-friendly products in Mandaue City, Cebu. Koppert is a Dutch company that has pioneered in developing products that can take the place of synthetic chemicals usually used in conventional farming.

Panoramix is a liquid concentrate which may be called a consortium of beneficial microorganisms that include Trichoderma, mycorrhiza and beneficial bacteria. It is used to coat seeds for germination. Seeds that are inoculated will produce seedlings with longer roots and therefore more resistant to drought. Plants with well developed root system will also be able to take up nutrients from the soil more efficiently.

With Panoramix treatment, farmers can actually reduce fertilizer use because fertilizer that is applied is absorbed more efficiently.

Of course even non-organic farmers can use Panoramix to inoculate the seeds they plant.

Koppert products will be distributed in the Philippines by Allied Botanical Corporation, one of the leading seed companies in the Philippines.

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