Papaya With Mango Flavor A Hit At Field Day

Dr. Mary Ann Sayoc and your blogger,
Zac B. Sarian, tasting the “Papamango”
 during theInternational Field Day in
 Chiang Mai, February 4, 2013.

The new hybrid papaya which has a mango flavor was a hit at the International Field Day at the Simon N. Groot Research Center in Sansai, Chang Mai, Thailand last February 4, 2013.

Ric Reyes and a plate of Papamango
for tasting by visitors.

This is a very promising variety that will be field tested later this year in the Philippines. It has a yellow flesh, sweet and juicy.

A lot of people who tasted the sample fruits were impressed by its peculiar taste that reminds one of mango flavor.

This “Papamango” is the result of several years of breeding work by Lamai Yapanan and her colleagues at the East-West Seed International in Thailand. Lamai is a lady plant breeder who has also developed notable hybrids of ampalaya or bitter gourd.

The new papaya does not have an official name yet, but for easy recall, those who have tasted it just call it Papamango.

A plate of cubed “Papamango” ready for serving.
Lamai Yapanan (right) with Zac B. Sarian. She
and her colleagues bred the “Papamango.” She
also bred the leading bitter gourd variety
called Kiew Yok 16 which has big fruits shown

here in photo. It is the favorite of Thai and Vietnamese
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