The very tempting opened fruit of the Passion Fruit Guava.

One guava variety that got our interest is what the owner of a farm in Taiwan calls Passion Fruit Guava. It has a big fruit that is reddish orange, fleshy and with few seeds. It is sweet and juicy.

The farm owner does not only sell the fresh fruits at a premium. He makes that into jam which is very easy to spread, unlike the thick and stick jam made in the Philippines. The owner also makes dried guava which also sells at a high price. Three packs weighing 160 grams each sell for NT$500 which is equivalent to 900 pesos in Philippine money. Usually, 10 kilos of fresh fruits make a kilo of dried guava.

Zac B. Sarian posing with Passion Fruit Guava. It was rainy at the time of visit to the farm, hence the yellow raincoat.
Will tell you more about interesting finds we made in Taiwan some other time. By the way, the Taiwan Leisure Farm Development Association invited us to visit several farms this time in collaboration with Ms. Jane Chen of Everbright Travel.

Guavas in Taiwan are drastically pruned. The fruits are easy to wrap or bag, and also easy to harvest.
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