PEEWEE POMELO: So Small, So Sweet, So Juicy

Arils of the Peewee Pomelo, so small, so sweet, so juicy.

One very interesting pomelo we tasted during our recent fruit-eating tour in Davao City is a super small pomelo which we sampled, courtesy of Ms. Sim Go who introduced us to a very interesting fruit farmer that we will feature in another post.

Ms. Go said that the Peewee pomelo is from a friend of hers in Cotabato. It could not be more than 200 grams and when it was first shown us, we were not impressed at all because it was so small, smaller than the Valencia orange that we are familiar with.

However, after it was peeled and the arils separated completely from its rind, we got really excited because while it was so small, it was so sweet, smooth and juicy. It was seedless, too.

Unfortunately, Ms. Go was rushing to go to another appointment so that we were not able to get more details about the fruit and the owner.

Ms. Sim Go brought the Peewee Pomelo for the farm tourists to taste.
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