Dr. Rene Sumaoang Expands Pelletized Durabloom Fertilizer Production

DR. RENE SUMAOANG, manufacturer of Durabloom organic fertilizer, is expanding production of his pelletized fertilizer. He has acquired a bigger pelletizing ย machine to significantly increase production after observing that rice farmers are particularly interested in his pelletized organic fertilizer.

He explained that ordinarily, farmers apply their basal fertilizer during land preparation for rice. It is not uncommon that during land preparation, there is an overflowย of rainwater. In such a case, much of the organic fertilizer in powder form will be carried away by the overflowing water.

In the case of pelletized fertilizer, application may be done only eight or nine days after transplanting. The pellets are broadcast and will not be carried by water even if there is an overflow because the pellets will sink to the bottom of the water.

Another advantage is that the pelletized fertilizer is like a slow-release plant food. Thus the plants are nourished for a longer time.

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