People Over 40 Yearn To Farm

Edgardo Agbada (right) with Jupiter Aljos at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal.

When one gets over forty, there is that urge to engage in something that has to do with growing certain plants. Just like Edgardo Agbada, 48, head of the surveying department of a well known investment company in Metro Manila.

He grew up in Quezon City and it can be said that he was not a born farmer. But at his age he longs to do some kind of farming even while he is gainfully employed. Two years ago he bought a farm lot in Tanay, Rizal which he is developing into an orchard of exotic fruit trees that include longkong lanzones, rambutan, imported pomelo, Abiu, imported makopa, R2E2 mango and others.ย 

The above are the latest addition to his fruit trees in his farm in Tanay that he obtained during his visit to the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal. During his visit he really enjoyed tasting the R-5 rambutan and longkong lanzones. Unfortunately there were very few ripe longkong during his visit.

By the way, in his residence in Quezon City he says he has no less than 40 fruit trees growing albeit very close to each other. Of course he is growing not necessarily for money but more for pleasure.

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