PETROFISH: Fertilizer for producing organic bangus and shrimp!

Farmers can produce organic shrimp with Petrofish.

In 2011, we visited the biggest chemical and organic fertilizer manufacturer in Indonesia, the Petrokimia in Gresik, East Java. One that impressed us was Petrofish, a fertilizer for producing organic bangus and prawns.

AQUACULTURE AREA – Gresik is a fish farming area and Petrokimia has developed a probiotic product that enables the fishpond owners to produce organic bangus and shrimps.ย 

PETROFISH – The product is called Petrofish which is claimed to stabilize the gut microflora in fish and shrimps, thus avoiding disease.

POLLUTION REDUCED– Petrofish is claimedย  to protect the fish and shrimp from disease-causing microbes. The product reduces pollution in the pond and also increases natural feeds in the growing area. It does not only increase yield, it also improves the quality of the harvest.

Organic bangus can be produced with Petrofish.
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