PH-Bred Pumpkin Flies High In Latin America

PH-Bred Pumpkin Flies High In Latin America

The first pumpkin hybrid developed in the Philippines by East-West Seed some 35 years ago is up and about, reigning supreme in the Philippines and flying high in Latin America.

A huge pile of Arjuna a.k.a. Suprema harvested in Honduras.
Sliced Arjuna pumpkin being promoted by a beautiful lady in a supermarket.

This is the squash originally named Suprema but which has been renamed Arjuna in Sri Lanka, the name that is now also known in Latin America where it has become a favorite variety.

A truck fully loaded with Arjuna pumpkin from a farm in Honduras.
Young lady showing a young fruit of Arjuna in the farm.

Of course, it is very understandable why the Latin American farmers in Costa Rica, Honduras, Dominican Republic and others love to plant Arjuna. Ric Reyes, the Global Product and Market Combination Manager, says that Arjuna has a superior eating quality. It is also prized for its disease resistance and excellent keeping quality.

The vegetable is not only sold in Latin Americaq but also in the United States and Canada where a lot of Asian immigrants are residing.

A model promoting pumpkin Arjuna in the market.
Arjuna pumpkin in a supermarket.
Truck ready to deliver a full load of Arjuna pumpkins in Honduras.
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