Philippine Papayas Making Waves In Sri Lanka

Philippine Papayas Making Waves In Sri Lanka
Ric Reyes and Farmer Deegala with Red Royale hybrid papaya
Philippine Papayas Making Waves In Sri Lanka
This is Red Royale with fruits just a few inches above the ground

Two papaya hybrids from the Philippines are becoming ย money makers in Sri Lanka. This was reported by Ric M. Reyes of East-West Seed Company who visited farmers in that country recently.

The two are the Sinta Papaya developed by the Institute of Plant Breeding in Los Baรฑos and the Red Royale developed by East-West Seed Company.

One farmer who planted the two varieties on 8,000 square meters is a retired army man who is now harvesting from his 1,500 plants. By the time the papaya trees are through bearing fruits on the fourth year, he estimates that he could harvest from them about 750 tons. That volume could gross him the equivalent of US$228,000 with production expenses placed at $41,600.

The Sri Lankan farmer is D.A.M.T.S.C. Deegala who said he likes the prolificacy of the Sinta hybrid. On the other hand, he likes the Red Royale which is also giving him a high yield of red-fleshed fruits. It is a dwarf plant that is tolerant to virus.

Philippine Papayas Making Waves In Sri Lanka
A fruitful Red Royale papaya.
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