More Photos From The Dioko Ecotourism Park

Hdre are more pictures taken by Zac B. Sarian at the Dioko Farm Resort’s Ecotourism Park.

Very fruitful Bignay tree.
Vice Mayor Celso Dioko posing with flowering passion fruit.
Seรฑorita guava has small fruits that are very nice to eat.
Tomatoes inside greenhouse.
Women workers in the nursery show their seedlings.
Vice Mayor Celso Dioko with Milky Mushroom.
Jill Apple melon, small, sweet and crisp. Grown inside greenhouse.
Vice Mayor Dioko and fruiting variegated lemon.
E-Car for going around the farm.
Pangasius and tilapia pond.
The Bahay Kubo that is not really the one you and I are familiar with.
Virgilio Dioko and giant lemon.

Jocelyn Mahipus and passion fruit.

The Dioko Farm Resort will be visited by the participants of the AANI Farm Visit on June 25, 2017. Contact Jocelyn Mahipus at 0917-242-9785 if you want to join.

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