Pigs & Chickens Love Fermented Super Napier

An early feedback tells us that pigs and chickens really love fermented Super Napier. Ronald Costales called us up excitedly telling us that his organic pigs and chickens really love the Super Napier that he made into silage.

Earlier, King Ranch supplied him with Super Napier tops that were from the canes harvested for planting. Ronald shredded the napier tops, moistened the shredded stuff with molasses, and sprayed EM or effective microorganisms to hasten fermentation.

As early as one week after fermenting, he fed some to his organic pig fatteners and to his native and Sasso chickens. The pigs and chickens really love it, he said. Now, he is more determined than ever to plant a big area to this fast-growing and nutritious grass. He will mass produce Super Napier silage not only for his own use but also for sake to others who would like to economize on feeds for their livestock.

His friends are also following his steps. Pol Rubia is planting the same in his farm in Candelaria, Quezon for the same purpose. He and a friend are also starting to raise organic pigs.

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  1. is it possible to feed super napier to market hogs with commercial feeds? can you please share how you ferment it? thanks

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