PILIPIÑA PIE: Daet Signature Product

PILIPIÑA PIE: Daet Signature Product
PILIPIÑA PIE: Daet Signature Product
Pilipiña Pie combines pili nuts and Formosa Queen pineapple.
PILIPIÑA PIE: Daet Signature Product
Formosa Queen pineapple is small but very sweet.

The Pilipiña Pie took center stage during the recent Pinyasan Festival (Pineapple Festival) in Daet, the capital town of Camarines Norte. The Pilipiña pie is a combination of pili nut for  which Bicol is famous and the Formosa Queen pineapple which is now a major crop in the province.

For many years, production of Formosa Queen, a small but very sweet pineapple variety, used to be the monopoly of the Larrazabal family in Ormoc City. Today, it is a major crop in Camarines Norte. A total of 2,136 hectares are now devoted to this variety in the towns of Daet, Labo, Basud, San Vicente and San Lorenzo Ruiz. Annual production is placed at 38,448 metric tons.

Pilipiña Pie is now Daet’s signature product under the Department of Trade and Industry’s One Town, One Product (OTOP) program.

Aside from Pilipiña Pie, other products produced in modest quantities are wine, dehydrated pineapple, vinegar, pastries, canned juice drinks, novelty items, fiber and pineapple cloth.

Daet which has become the center for trading of Formosa Queen is now supplying fresh fruits in Southern Luzon and Metro Manila markets.

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