PLANTING TIME: Time to grow Large Longkong seedlings!

Longkong is a superior variety of lanzones from Thailand. It is sweet, juicy and with few seeds. It is also latexless.

THE RAINS are here and it is time to plant our favorite Longkong lanzones from Thailand.This is a superior variety that produces sweet fruits with few seeds and is latexless.

PESKY WEEDS – The problems with the coming of the rains is that the weeds are very robust and they can quickly choke your plants if you plant small seedlings that are just two to three feet tall. But if you pant the seedlings that are already five to six feet tall, the likelihood is that the weeds will not overcome them. So there will be a higher percentage of survival.

SHADE – In our travels around farms in different places, especially in Luzon, there are farmers who grow their Longkong in the open sun and they don;t provide shade at all. That is very wrong.

DRAINAGE – Longkong is well adapted to the Philippines. But is best to plant it in well drained fields that are rich in organic matter. In flat fields, drainage canals should be provided.

TRACE ELEMENTS – Regular fertilization with chemical fertilizers that contain trace elements like Z-Fert from Zetryl Chem Philippines. A biostimulant like Megafol may also be sprayed at least every month so that the tree becomes strong and will grow fast and sturdy. Organic fertilizer should also be applied twice a year. A kilo of vermicast may be applied on each plant that is one to two years old in the field.

CONTACT – Large Planting Materials (LPM) that are more than 5 feet tall are available at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal. Contact Rose atย 09475900398; 0906-551-1791 or Nilo Gella atย 09687208564(smart).

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