Plants Urban Dwellers Can Plant For Their Kitchen

Plants Urban Dwellers Can Plant For Their Kitchen
Plants Urban Dwellers Can Plant For Their Kitchen
Oregano can add flavor to your food, and has medicinal attributes, too.

In these times of belt-tightening, it makes sense for people to grow something for their own kitchen. Even urban dwellers who may have limited space where they live can grow their favorite plants for home use.
Here are some that are very easy to grow. And useful, too.

1.OREGANO – This is an herb that is prized for its culinary and health attributes. It provides pleasing flavor to foods and at the same time it is claimed to have curative properties, not only for humans but also for farm animals. This plant can be easily propagated by means of cutting. It can be grown in an ordinary pot or similar container. Soil that is rich in organic matter is best for growing. Situate the plant in partial shade.

2. LEMON GRASS – It is easy to grow lemon grass in a pot or in the ground. Propagation is by division. It is widely used in cooking ‘sinigang’ or ‘nilagang karne’; it is used as stuffing for lechon; it is provides flavor in juice drinks; it is claimed to have anti-cancer properties. In farming or gardening, it is planted to repel insects attacking surrounding crops.3. PECHAY AND OTHER LEAFY GREENS – You can grow pechay and other leafy greens in discarded basins, pots, or even in soda bottles. Dr. Eduardo Paningbatan Jr., a scientist from UP Los Baños, has come up with a technique to grow healthy leafy greens in halved soda bottles, including pechay, lettuce, mustard and many others. He has a special liquid nutrient for the plants. The plants in soda bottles can be hung in any appropriate place around the home.

Plants Urban Dwellers Can Plant For Their Kitchen
Tender tops of Zacamote

4. TENDER CAMOTE TOPS – Zacamote is a sweet potato that was developed purposely for its tender tops. It is very nutritious and also very easy to grow. It can grow in the ground or in a container. Cuttings are very quick to root. Cuttings planted in a rich soil will be ready for initial harvesting in a mater of two or three weeks. This columnist can share free planting materials to those who visit our farm in Teresa, Rizal.

Plants Urban Dwellers Can Plant For Their Kitchen
Lagikway is an indigenous shrub popularly used for cooking in Quezon province, Visayas and Mindanao.

5. LAGIKWAY – This is a native shrub which is very easy to grow in a container or in the ground. It is also very easy to multiply by cuttings. The young leaves are used in cooking broth dishes. The leaves can be used to wrap fish ‘pinangat.’ The leaves can also be made into tempura.

Lagikway is commonly grown in Quezon and in many places in the Visayas and Mindanao. We have seen households in Dinagat Island which have a few plants in their yards.

6. ALUGBATI – This is a favorite of Ilonggos for cooking their mungo dish. It is about the easiest plant to grow in a container or direct in the ground. Cuttings are usually used for propagation. However, seeds are also used. Young shoots from seed-grown alugbati are said to be very delicious. Simple stir-frying is a fast way of cooking alugbati.

7. PANDAN MABANGO – This has a number of uses in the home. Its leaves are used in cooking rice to make the rice aromatic. It is also used to flavor meats as in ‘pandan chicken’. Also buko pandan. It is also used as air-freshener in air-conditioned cars. Propagation is easy by separating suckers. This plant will tolerate even waterlogged conditions.

8. CALAMANSI – This is a very useful small fruit for making juice drinks, for adding flavor to pansit, for enhancing the flavor of the soy sauce used for dipping fried or broiled fish and meat.

You can have enough supply of calamansi fruits if you grow a couple of grafted trees in containers. Just provide adequate organic and chemical fertilizers. Situate the plants in full sun. Spray Power Grower Combo to induce heavy flowering and fruiting.

9. INDIAN BLACK PEPPER – You can also grow the Indian variety of black pepper – Paniyur. This produces long fruit spikes that are very pungent. Rooted cuttings can be attached a tree trunk. It can even attach itself to a concrete wall that is partially shaded. If you want a dwarf fruiting black pepper, marcot a fruiting branch. This will remain low-growing and fruitful in a pot or similar container.

Plants Urban Dwellers Can Plant For Their Kitchen
Something sour that you eat after chewing the flesh of Miracle Fruit will taste sweet.

10. MIRACLE FRUIT – Plant something mysterious in your garden. Plant the Miracle Fruit that will surely be the conversation piece of your visitors. It’s because when you chew the thin flesh of the berry, whatever sour fruit you eat the next 30 minutes will taste very sweet.

There you are, don’t say that if live are in Manila you can’t grow anything because of limited space. If there is a will, there’s no way you cannot grow something of value.

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