Politicians, Old & New, Only Know That Farmers Are the Poorest Of The Poor

We were really amused listening to the senatorial wannabe’s. All they know is that the farmers are the poorest of the poor and they are there, these old and new politicians, saying that they are ready to offer help. We have not heard, however, of an idea that they gave that will really help solve the poverty of farmers, except some saying giving government subsidies to farmers. Which we think is very bad.

The politicians don’t seem to know that there are thousands upon thousands of farmers who have helped themselves to become financially secure. Every year, one seed company honors its Farmer Heroes in recognition of their excellent performance in crop production that is profitable. Thousands of planters of hybrid rice and Bt corn have become well off.

These are the people who have acquired skills that empower them. These are the farmers who are hardworking and who know how to save and invest a good portion of their incomes.

We just came from a visit to vegetable farmers in the mountains of Majayjay, Laguna. Many of them cultivate just two to 8 hectares of land that they use to produce vegetables year-round, knowing how to rotate their crops for more sustainable farming.

Many of the farmers we met have beautiful concrete houses, and they don’t have relatives who are OFWs. They are full-time farmers who know their business. It is about time the politicians also know that there are farmers who are not poor but are rich in their own right. The politicos who are constantly  saying that farmers are the poorest of the poor only make young people shun agriculture. These politicos help discourage the youth to go into farming.


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