Pomegranate Aril Separator

ELIAT RAM, an executive of Agritech 2012, shows how to eat fresh pomegranate seeds with aril that are newly extracted from the fruit by a machine that separates the aril from the non-edible parts of the pomegranate fruit. That.s me, Zac B. Sarian, at extreme left.

The machine which was invented by a professor who worked at the Volcani Center in Tel Aviv, is considered a major development that could hasten the take off of the pomegranate industry.

This means that separating the arils (seeds) from the inedible parts is many times faster than doing it by hand. The machine will be showcased at Agritech 2012 which will be held on May 15 to 17 in Tel Aviv.

Pictured below are pomegranate fruits of the Wonderful variety being sold in Tel Aviv markets. This is a big variety, some fruits weighing close to a kilo. We have bought some in a market near Dan Panorama Hotel. The aril is sweet and juicy.We counted more than 500 seeds from one fruit. More developments on pomegranate will be featured in this blog.

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