POMELO GROWING TIP: Thin Out The Excess Fruits

POMELO GROWING TIP: Thin Out The Excess Fruits

A fellow who bought planting materials of Magallanes pomelo was upbeat telling us that his four-year-old trees were producing a lot of fruits. Some are in clusters of three or more fruits. He said he was expecting a bumper crop.

Donโ€™t be so excited, we cautioned him. We explained to him that too many fruits in a cluster could result in small fruits that may not be as fleshy and juicy like the fruits in the market.

POMELO GROWING TIP: Thin Out The Excess Fruits
Too many fruits in a cluster, if not thinned, could result in small fruits that are not fleshy and juicy.

The advice of experienced pomelo growers is to retain just one fruit in a cluster. The rest have to go. Too many fruits, especially if the tree is still young, will exhaust the tree. The health of the tree could suffer.

At any rate, fertilize your tree adequately. Apply well decomposed chicken manure or any animal manure as well as complete fertilizer with micronutrients. One such chemical fertilizer is Z-Fert formulated in Malaysia and is now available in the Philippines from Zetryl Chem Philippines. We are using this in our farm.

You should also check the pH of your soil. The recommended pH is 6. If the soil is acidic (lower than pH 6), you can amend that by applying agricultural lime.

For information on recommended pomelo varieties, you can reach us at email: info@zacsarian.com

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