POSSIBILITIES With Korean Mini Fruit & Veggie Dryer

POSSIBILITIES With Korean Mini Fruit & Veggie Dryer

When we attended Koreaโ€™s biggest agricultural mechanization expo recently, we did not only see all kinds of machines, big and small, for working in the field. We also saw gadgets that could be useful in the home.

One such machine is a mini dryer for fruits, vegetables and other materials for human consumption. We tasted some of the finished products and we really liked them. The dried mango, for instance, is very chewy because it is not bone-dry. It has a moistness that is very desirable. Same with the dried persimmons.

POSSIBILITIES With Korean Mini Fruit & Veggie Dryer
Zac B. Sarian. Eugene Gabriel and the owner of the company that makes the mini dryer.

We started figuring out what we could dry with the machine in the Philippines. And we came out with a list that includes jackfruit, mango, durian, santol, imported makopa, chico, saba banana and more. In the case of vegetables, we initially listed carrots, tomato, eggplant, onion, garlic, ginger, ampalaya, radish, sitao, squash, mushroom, okra, sweet and hot peppers, camote, kundol and others.

POSSIBILITIES With Korean Mini Fruit & Veggie Dryer
Jackfruit is a good candidate for drying.
POSSIBILITIES With Korean Mini Fruit & Veggie Dryer
Mango for drying.

Then we came to think of nutritious leafy crops that could be dried and converted into powder. The powder could be used to fortify food products like soups, cooked rice, ice cream, noodles, baked products and many others. The leafy plants for making into powder include saluyot, malunggay, alugbati, kangkong, camote and ampalaya tops,

POSSIBILITIES With Korean Mini Fruit & Veggie Dryer
Hot chilli for drying.

The dried fruits and vegetables could be considered healthy foods because they are dried without any preservatives, and especially if the raw materials are produced without chemical pesticides. The mini dryer is perfect for urban gardeners who produce their own fruits and vegetables under very hygienic conditions.

The use of dryers is one way of adding value to surplus harvests that would otherwise be thrown away or fed to the pigs. It is one way of preserving foods for the so-called rainy day.

POSSIBILITIES With Korean Mini Fruit & Veggie Dryer
Durian is also a good candidate for drying.

In Korea, we are told that only dried fruits and vegetables that are dried in mechanical dryers are allowed to be sold commercially. And that is the reason why there are so many dryers in the Korean market. We saw a lot of sizes that can dry commercial volumes. But then, we were more fascinated by the mini dryer.

Incidentally, our friend Eugene T. Gabriel who was with us and who heads Agri Components Corporation in Cauayan City, Isabela, has a better idea in mind. He is already placing an order for his own familyโ€™s use as well as for sale to interested persons. And that could include us.

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  1. That’s nice…
    Sir can you suggest any brand for small or compact tractor with rotovator, ideal for papaya plantation? Thank you.

  2. I am interested for family use only, we are moving to Tarlac and planning to produce our own food, sana po we can avail also this dryer.

    Mag aanounce po ba kayo kung available na po yung dryer?

  3. timely for manny mango products. were can we buy the machine and how much is the cost per unit. more power sir ZAC

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