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Calamansi Supplier: Large Volume Producer

LUCINDO CALAMANSIAN: We are from Norzagaray, Bulacan and can supply up to 5,250 kilos of juicy and thick skin Calamansi variety per month. Inquire here with your quantity requirements (kilos) and location as quotations vary with required quantity and location. Small orders from nearby locations may be accepted. If you wish to be contacted by producer kindly indicate your contact info in your message below.

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For Sale: Sweet Coconut seedlings

Available for sale sweet coconut seedlings – exotic coconut variety that produces tender nuts and sweet water. Supplier has 5,000 planted trees from Zamboanga – and can ship all over the Philippines. Inquire below with required quantity and location.

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For Sale Madre de Agua seedlings

Madre de Agua plant is best food for ruminants, like goat, sheep,native pigs, chicken, cow, carabao, and others. Grown in a 21/2 x 5 black plastic seedling bag .Affordable price in large volume. Inquire with your needs and location.

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