POULTRY TIP: How to take care of day-old Black Dominant chicks

Dr. Erwin Cruz showing big brown eggs of Black Dominant chicken. The eggs fetch a higher price in supermarkets and other outlets.

Dr. Erwin Cruz, for many years, has been recommending the Black Dominant chicken for raising for meat and eggs. The  breed is ideal for free-range production. Of course, he recommends buying the F1 or first generation chicks that he sells because they perform much better than second or third generation fowls.

Here, Dr. Cruz recommends the feed and vaccination schedule for a small farm production. Read on.

FEEDING – For free-range meat type and Inasal type, give chick booster crumble from Day 1 to 21; starter crumble from Day 22 to 31; and Growing crumble mix from Day 32 to 90. The birds can be given extra feed like corn, binlid, rice bran, kamote, fruits and vegetables. From Day 90 to 140, feed the layers with Growing crumble. From Day 148 through duration of the laying period, give Laying crumble.

FOR VACCINATION  On Day 7, give NCD B1B1; Day 28, give NCD La Sota, and Day 48, give NCD La Sota. For layer type, continue what was done in the meat type above. On Day 128, give NCD La Sota and Day 151 give NCD La Sota.

There you are.


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