Power Grower Combo Boosts Pomegranate Growth

THESE are Bhagwa pomegranate which are grown in rubberized containers at the Teresa Orchard & Nursery. These amazingly grew fast in the last two weeks, putting up new shoots and the leaves are very healthy.
This could be the result of spraying with Alfonso G. Puyat’s Power Grower Combo about two weeks ago. This is a formulation of single nutrient elements (NPK) plus ANAA, a plant growth regulator.

Before spraying, the plants were applied with about half kilo each of Durabloom organic fertilizer. According to Mr. Puyat, spraying the leaves will make the plant very hungry so that it will take up a lot of plant nutrients from the soil. These are “cooked” in the leaves through photosynthesis for immediate use by the plant. See also the effect of Power Grower Combo on tomatoes at the Teresa Orchard & Nursery in the postings below.
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