Power Grower Combo Doubles Sugarcane Yield

Mauro and Melanie Merculio
and their sugarcane sprayed
with Alfonso Puyat’s Power
Grower Combo and Silikon

The application of a special fertilizer formulation on sugarcane has virtually doubled the yield in terms of cane tonnage as well as in sugar yield. The treated cane plants yielded 265 tons per hectare compared to 138 tons of the untreated.

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This was shown by an experiment in a commercial sugarcane plantation in Victoria, Tarlac owned by Mauro and Melanie Merculio who planted the Indonesian variety PS862.

The special fertilizer is the Power Grower Combo formulated by Alfonso J. Puyat who has done a lot of personal research in plant nutrition. The power fertilizer contains high phosphorus with smaller amounts of nitrogen and potassium and enriched with a growth promotant. The treatment was also bolstered by a dose of soluble silicon that makes the plants more sturdy.

The experimental cane plants are a first ratoon crop, meaning the second crop from the original cane points planted. After harvesting the first crop, new shoots come out which make up the first ratoon crop.

In the experiment, the original planting stools were rehabilitated in January 2012. This means the hills were cleared of debris and top soil added around the hills wherever necessary.

One week after the first rain in May, the plants which were about breast high were sprayed with the Power Grower Combo. This was sprayed for the second time with Power Grower Combo one month later when the plants were as tall as an average Filipino man. In the second spraying, a soluble silicon, also formulated by Mr. Puyat, was added to the power grower.

The fertilizer treatment is very economical. During the first spray, 8 scoops (72 grams) were used per 16-liter knapsack sprayer. In the second spraying 8 scoops of Power Grower Combo and 8 scoops of soluble silicon were combined and sprayed together.

On November 23, 2012, the canes were harvested and data gathered. The laboratory analysis was made at the Central Azucarera de Tarlac Sugar Laboratory in Luisita.

Here are the results. Millable stalks with average of 95 inches were taken from both the treated and untreated plants. The treated stalks weighed 2.3 kilos each compared to the control which weighed 1.54 kilos.

The number of millable stalks for the treated plants numbered 17.28 canes per linear meter whereas it is 13.83 for the control or untreated plants. The possible number of tons per hectare in the treated plants is 265 whereas it is only 138 tons in the case of the control.

In terms of sugar yield, the treated plants had a possible yield of 524 bags of 50 kilos each compared to only 254 bags of the untreated canes. The national average in crop year 2009-2010, on the other hand, is only 102.2 bags per hectare.

Sugarcane is the latest crop to be experimented with the use of Mr. Puyatโ€™s fertilizer formulations. Earlier, his Power Grower Combo and Heavy Weight formulations produced bumper crops in corn and rice. It has also proven to be effective in fruit trees and vegetables.

Fernando Gabuyo of San Jose City has been harvesting 280 to more than 300 cavans per hectare of rice by using the Puyat protocol.

In Duku and Longkong lanzones, Gen. Recaredo Sarmiento reported heavy fruiting of his trees. In fact, a second flush of flowers followed after harvesting the fruits of his Duku lanzones in Lucena City.

In our own experience, the Power Grower Combo has triggered fast growth of seedlings and has made old trees robust. Pomegranate, grafted Luz calamansi and pummelos respond very well to Power Grower Combo sprays.

Mr. Puyat explains that when the Power Grower Combo is sprayed on the leaves, the plants feel hungry so they take up as much plant nutrients from the soil as possible. That is why he recommends application of adequate balanced fertilizer in the soil.

The Heavy Weight Tandem is sprayed in the flowering or fruiting stage of plants to make the fruits bigger, more uniform and sweeter in the case of citrus and other fruits. The formulation is high in potassium.
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  1. Hi. Can we use the Power Combo for corn? Do you have testimonies of corn farmers? I appreciate very much if you can show it in this page. Thank you.

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