Power Grower Combo Induces Pomegranate to Flower

Unopened flower buds of Pomegranate Bhagwa variety.
This is the opened flower of Bhagwa Pomegranate from India which
flowered after the plant, only one year old, was sprayed with Alfonso
Puyat’s Power Grower Combo about three weeks earlier.

WE ARE truly excited to see flowering for the first time our one-year-old Bhagwa Pomegranate which we planted in a No. 16 rubberized container. After we sprayed the plant with the Power Grower Combo, a plant growth enhancer developed by Alfonso G. Puyat, the plant has flowered. There are several flower buds besides the first one that has opened.

The Power Grower Combo, by the way, is a powder of single plant nutrients and applied in combination with ANAA, a long known plant growth regulator. According to Mr. Puyat, when the leaves of the plant are sprayed with his Power Grower Combo, the plant feels very hungry so that it tends to take up as much nutrients as it could from the soil. That is why Mr. Puyat suggests that the soil around the base of the plant be supplied with adequate fertilizers, whether organic or chemical.

We have sprayed the Power Grower Combo on our other plants and the result is amazing. They developed new growth almost immediately.

At the moment, Power Grower Combo is not yet available in regular agri supply stores. Some stocks are available, however, at the Teresa Orchard & Nursery. Unfortunately, LBC won’t accept it for delivery because it is a fertilizer. That’s why orders from the provinces could not be served.

Any way, Teresa Orchard & Nursery is easy to locate. It is along the road in Teresa, Rizal, about 30 meters before the Teresa-Morong boundary if one is coming from Antipolo. Teresa is the next town to Antipolo.
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